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Congratulations to Our
July Texas Spotlight Winners!

  • Adam Hull

    Adam Hull

    Open Winner

  • Morgan Brynn Fisher

    Morgan Brynn Fisher

    Youth Winner

  • Kaitlynn Jewitt

    Kaitlynn Jewitt

    Youth Winner

  • Andrew Severner

    Andrew Sevener

    Open Winner


Entry Rules

  1. Contestants must be amateur singers or otherwise be persons who may be involved within the entertainment industry as a singer on a part-time basis but do not belong to any professional organization(s) connected with the entertainment industry.
  2. This competition is open to all persons of all ages. Contestants under the age of 18 may only participate with the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must evidence such consent on the application form.
  3. None of the judge’s immediate family, nor any immediate family member of any employee of Granbury Live, LLC., or Hank 92.1 FM shall be permitted to participate.
  4. The eligibility of any participant shall be in the sole discretion of the Director of the Texas Spotlight.
  5. Applications shall be open until closed by the Director of Texas Spotlight.
  6. Each contestant must complete and submit the application, submit a link to an audition video, and the application fee of $20.
  7. The Texas Spotlight Director has the right at any time to require proof of identity and or eligibility. Failure to provide such proof within a reasonable period could result in disqualification from the competition. All personal details and information requested by Texas Spotlight must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. Texas Spotlight reserves the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition, should the contestant provide untruthful, inaccurate, or misleading personal details and or information or should the contestant be ineligible for the competition pursuant to these rules.
  8. By entering, each contestant agrees that Texas Spotlight and their successors and assigns have the right to use their names and likenesses, and images of all persons performing  for whatever purpose including but not limited to future advertising, promotion, and publicity in any manner and in any medium now known or hereafter devised in perpetuity.
  9. There will be ten Texas Spotlight shows prior to the Championship Show. Contestants for each of these shows shall be selected from those who have submitted application forms and met all other requirements.
  10. Those selected to participate in a show shall be notified at least two weeks prior to the performance date. Notification to applicants will be made by the Texas Spotlight Director via email. Upon receipt of the notification email, contestant shall have three days in which to respond to the Texas Spotlight Director accepting or declining the opportunity to perform. If contestant fails to respond within the three-day period from the email notice being sent by the Texas Spotlight Director, Contestant shall be deemed to have declined the opportunity to perform. Contestant must complete all additional documentation requested by the Texas Spotlight Director in a timely manner. Failure to do so could lead to disqualification from further competition.
  11. There will be two categories of contestants: those who have not yet reached the age of 18 by December 31, 2017 (Youth Division) and all others (Open Division). A youth is automatically eligible for the Open division while Open contestants are only eligible for the class in which they meet eligibility requirements.  There will be Winner in each category at each one of the 10 preliminary shows. The Winners of the 10 Preliminary shows shall appear at the Championship Shows on January 13, 2018, at which time the Champions in each division shall be announced.
  12. Contestants may only perform as a solo act, and no duet or group performances will be permitted. Contestants may not use live props, backup singers, dancers, or animals.
  13. Contestants will not be permitted to leave the stage or the stage area during their performance. This includes singing or performing within the audience.
  14. Contestants may accompany themselves.
  15. Contestants may sing the same song as another contestant.
  16. No changes in song choice may be made once the Contestant has been selected to perform and has submitted their song to the Director.
  17. The House Band shall include a piano, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar and drums.
  18. No songs with explicit language, or vulgar language will be permitted. Contestants who during their performance use any obscene, offensive, vulgar, sexual, or inappropriate behavior and/or language including without limitation those referencing or depicting violence, nudity, or explicit activity, at the sole discretion of the Director shall be disqualified from competition.
  19. Contestants and their families are not allowed to have ANY contact with any contest judge before or during the competition. “No Contact” shall include verbal conversations and handshakes.
  20. Contestants and their family or associates which exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest may result in the disqualification of that contestant from further competition. Offensive behavior includes but is not limited to, poor sportsmanship, bad manners, and lack of decorum.
  21. Contestants will be judged using a 100-point system:

Vocal ability (rhythm/pitch/phrasing) 1-60 points

Stage Presence (movement/confidence/command) 1-20 points

Appearance (costume and attire, audience appeal) 1-20 points

Audience (vote of the audience shall account for 20% of the score and shall be conducted at the completion of all the performances in that show.)

  1. Immediately prior to the show, each contestant shall have 8 minutes to rehearse their song with the stage band. No song may be longer than 5 minutes in length. Rehearsal shall take place on the performance date, several hours before show time as planned by the Director.
  2. Performers shall appear in the order assigned by the Director. Directors decision as to order of performance shall be final.
  3. No family member, friend, or associate of a Contestant may be in the back-stage area from 20 minutes before show time until the show is complete.
  4. Each contestant who wins a division at a preliminary show shall agree to appear at all promotional events which the Director shall arrange including television and radio appearances within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metropolitan area.
  5. All decisions by the Judges and interpretations regarding the contest, its rules, and the selection of the winner remain with the Judges and the Director of Texas Spotlight and ARE FINAL!
  6. The winner of each preliminary show shall be announced immediately upon the tabulation of the Judge’s scores and the votes of the theater audience.


  1. Preliminary shows shall be the following dates:

July 22                           Shows will be at 2 and at 7 each day

August 12

September 16

October 28

November 25


Finals on January 13: Youth at 2 and Open at 7


Winner of the Youth Division of the Championship show shall receive $1,000, public appearances plus a variety of gifts and prizes.


Winner of the Open Division shall receive a national television appearance, a featured appearance at the Big Texas Birthday Bash and the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium, appearances at various Hank 92.1 events, paid studio time, a photo shoot, and a variety of promotional gifts.