This past weekend the tremendous Victor Trevino was at the New Granbury Live. It is always a great pleasure to have Victor in the house because besides being a genuine talent and very nice young man, he is truly the BEST young Elvis tribute artist! He has the same physical look, the same tone to his voice, and commands the same strong stage presence as the “King”.

Victor put on a spectacular show and I bet I have heard from twenty people already asking me to be sure and bring Victor back for another performance soon!

After almost every show, I send out a survey asking a section of the people who were at the show to rate our web site, the theater, the show they saw, the lights and sound, and whether they would recommend the New Granbury Live to a friend. I wanted to take just a second to tell you I received 30 responses from those who attended the Victor Trevino Elvis Tribute and on a score of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best), folks rated us with an average of 4.86! Every single person said they would recommend Granbury Live to a friend! It makes me proud so many of our patrons appreciate the quality shows we present and value the entertainment experience we provide. If you are one of our patrons, we thank you and appreciate your business. If you haven’t ever been to a show at Granbury Live, pick out a show from out variety of different productions, and come and join the fun! Your friends and neighbors believe you will have a good time and I do too! Looking forward to having YOU in the house!

Until the next time…


Rudy Gatlin made an appearance at the New Granbury Live this past Saturday. I love the style of show he presented. I call it a “sing and talk”. He sang some of the many hits of the Grammy Award Winning Gatlin Brothers, but also showed pictures and told stories about his nearly 60 years of life in the entertainment business. It was fascinating to hear Rudy talk about starting his career at 2 ½ years old and the number of famous entertainers he has had contact with over this long period of time.

Rudy was also frank about his recovery from the abuse of alcohol and cocaine and proudly announced he had been “sober” for over 30 years. Sad how so many performers who have found money and fame suffer the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Rudy’s story was heartwarming to hear and I hope for his continued life of sobriety.

It is amazing the number of hits the Gatlin Brothers recorded and it was a pleasure having “the Brother on the right” in the house on Saturday. I wish my new friend all the best and hope his career continues for a long time to come. He sure has something to offer!

comedy night

We had an exciting new event at Granbury Live over the weekend. It was our very first Comedy night and I am here to tell you it was a smashing success! It was not a big sell out, but since this was our first attempt to present stand up comedians, I truly anticipated the crowd would be small and we will build an audience over time.

Tom Clark was the headliner for the evening and he has performed on the Conan Show, on the Late, Late Show and all over America in a variety of comedy clubs and showcases.  Tom did a terrific job and really had the audience going. I know I was laughing so hard a time or two that my mind was made up we needed to continue to have standup comedy at Granbury Live! Steph Clark and Kip Hart rounded out the rest of the performance card with really solid performances.

I know not everyone is a fan of standup.  Some folks are uncomfortable with some of the subject matters or with some of the language and implications. Just so everyone knows, Granbury Live will never have truly “raw” comedians or performers who are just downright vulgar. I would hope if you believe you might be offended by standup, you choose to attend one of our other shows. If, however, you like to have a good laugh and enjoy standup, we are going to have comedy shows in the future you will love.  At Granbury Live we want to serve the entire entertainment consuming community and present shows which appeal to a variety of different interests and tastes.

We love our supporters and patrons and hope we continue in a tradition of presenting quality shows in a intimate and pleasant environment.