murder mystery

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Murder Mystery Theater

"Death So Delicious"

Date & Time

February 9th, 2018 | 6:30pm

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Bring a 6 pack, bottle of wine, or a flask— Please No Coolers (Coolers on wheels will not be allowed in theater).

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About This Show

Someone’s cooking up trouble at the World’s Greatest Chef Competition.  It seems the $1,000,000 prize money has some of the chefs hitting below the belt, especially Oriental Cuisine Guru Benny MooShoo.  He wants to win so badly he’ll stoop to blackmailing each of his competitors in order to win.  But just as too many cooks can spoil the sauce, too many chefs being blackmailed can lead to murder – especially when cyanide winds up in Benny’s MooShoo Rib Sauce.

Which chef would have the “bad taste” to bump Benny permanently from the competition?  British cooking queen Julia Wilde has certainly committed every crime in the book, but could she add murder to her plate?  French chef Henri Le Boucher is truly a cowardly chef – that is until he faces exposure of his secret obsession.  Texas chef Tex Lexington is so busy trying to keep all of his wives a secret, how could he find time for murder?  And Anna Maria Mia is simply too popular to be a killer – or is she really living a secret life away from her adoring public?

It’s up to Marketing Director Harry Weathers to find out who’s putting some of the world’s greatest chefs on ice before they cook his goose.

Murder Mystery Theater at Celebration Hall is an exciting and unique evening of suspense, intrigue, adventure, and a whole lot of laughs! The night starts with a mouthwatering meal from our talented caterer, Joe’s Pasta, followed by a “Whodunnit” which will tease your brain, make you laugh, and put your skills to the test as you attempt to “crack the case”! This interactive theatrical performance is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

We are working hard to comply with social distancing rules. We continue to sanitize the theater and the concession area before every show. We have free Granbury Live masks that will be available as you arrive and we provide hand sanitizer as well. Please note, your seat location may be adjusted on the day of the show to allow social distancing.

Some of our shows have been rescheduled because of COVID.  We do send out emails to all ticket holders to notify them of changes.  We do understand that you may have a conflict with the new dates and we ask you to please consider attending a different show that will fit your schedule.  Just call the box office at 800-340-9703 and we will be happy to exchange your tickets.

Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your assistance in keeping the shows going as we strive to bring you fresh and amazing talent in a safe environment.