Now I know why these Texans are so proud!


It has been many years ago, but I had the privilege of seeing Hal Halbrook perform his award-winning play, “Mark Twain Tonight!”. Mr.  Halbrook has performed the show for over fifty years and still manages to “pack em in” the theater! This was also the first one-man plays which I had ever witnessed. “Truly remarkable” were the only words I could muster, as Mark Twain literally came alive before my eyes. I could feel his wit, sense his eye for observation, and could touch the sting of his barbed tongue as he humorously made comment after comment on life, love, politics and the world. Having been named after the iconic Texas figure, my next thought was: “Sam Houston’s story is a whole lot more interesting and exciting than anything Mark Twain could say!”, and so I pledged to one day write a one man show about General Sam and perform it before the great citizens of Texas.

On Feb 16, March 11, April 20 and April 22 I will be performing “The Lion of Texas-An Evening with Sam Houston” at Granbury Live. I believe our theater is the perfect venue for this show. I have performed the show at many places; Stage West in Ft Worth, MCL Grand in Lewisville, the Municipal Auditorium in Greenville, in Plano, Paris, Sherman and many other towns throughout Texas, but I am not sure I have been in a theater which is better suited for the production than Granbury Live. This intimate setting will truly allow me to bring the personality and character of General Sam to life before the audience. The production is humorous, insightful, and with sound and visual effects, it becomes very powerful and dramatic.

This show has been very well received by the critics and by the audiences. They leave feeling inspired about who they are and where they came from as a people. With so many people moving into our state every month, I have found new Texans are particularly found of the show and are often shocked by the true story of General Sam and the birth of Texas. I have frequently heard from audiences, “Now I know why these Texans are so proud!”

Take a look at the schedule and get a ticket for one of these performances. I do not think you will be disappointed. There is no greater story than the story of Texas and of Sam Houston. I also think there isn’t a better venue to tell the story than Granbury Live! If you are a Texan you will love it, and if you are not, we will all feel sorry for you! You wont be disappointed!

Johnny Rodriquez Show

Johnny Rodriguez at Granbury Live

When I was a young man in college, I went to the oilfields of Oklahoma during the summer for work. Having been raised in the city I was not much of a Country music fan, but each day as we rode in a pickup from one worksite to the next, Country music was on the radio. One sound which really captured my attention was a young guy named Johnny Rodriquez. Who would have thought forty years later Johnny and I would both be at Granbury Live and I would have the pleasure of introducing him to an overflow, sold out crowd!

He gave a masterful performance and the audience loved it. As I spoke with people after the show, it was so interesting how for many of them the Johnny Rodriquez concert had been their first visit to Granbury Live. They were blown away by the sound, the intimacy and the entire aura of the theater! I got repeated comments about our wonderful hospitality and how folks had never been to a venue which seemed more intimate or got you closer to the performer! They loved the sound and the feel of the theater and said they couldn’t wait to see some of the upcoming acts like Doug Stone, Gene Watson, the Bellamy Brothers, and Moe Bandy!

If you get the chance, come to the New Granbury Live and experience the “most intimate venue in Texas”! It is an experience unlike any other

Why is a Celebration Hall Murder Mystery so unique and memorable?

Murder Mystery 2

People just seem to love the whole idea of Murder Mystery Dinner Theater! While certainly not a new concept, interactive theater still seems to excite the vivid imagination of folks and the idea of a good meal mixed with laughter and fun, make for a really good time.

I think what makes our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater so great is a couple of factors which sets us apart from other venues. First, we have the space for people to be able to eat comfortably and enjoy the show in leisure rather than being packed in a small room which really wasn’t created for interactive theater. We have a good sound system, so it is easy to hear and follow the actors as they perform. The actors which we utilize have literally performed hundreds upon hundreds of dinner theaters; they know how to work an audience and how to engage them! Lastly, we utilize great caterers who provide a very nice meal at a sweet price.

At our next Murder Mystery on February 9th, we will be presenting “Death So Delicious”. When murder happens at the World’s Greatest Chef competition, it is certain suspicions will arise! Are you good enough to crack the case and win some tickets to a future Granbury Live Event?

Get tickets to our Murder Mystery and join the fun! The food will be great, and the laughs won’t stop!

Granbury Live is where it is happening!

Laughter is the best medicine!

theclarks orig

They say people who laugh and smile regularly have a much longer life expectancy than those who don’t. While I love the great musical sound which emulates from the productions on the stage of the New Granbury Live, it only seems fitting to have a night where comedy takes the center stage. I have always loved comedy and have seen some of the great standups of my day; Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Robin Williams. I even made a point of seeing the great Red Fox out in Vegas many years ago and while very talented, his show certainly was not for everyone! Lol.

On March 31 the New Granbury Live will be hosting its first Comedy Night at 8 pm. The show will include Steph Clark who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Kipp Hart who has performed at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and will feature Tom Clark who has appeared on Conan, CBS’s Late, Late Show, and as a guest on the popular Bob and Tom radio. These talented pro’s have a lot of fun in store for you!

While this will not be a “raw” show discretion is advised.

How about a fun night with lots of laughs? Get your tickets  and be part of a brand-new tradition of comedy! We ARE where it is happening!

Is there a more iconic Texas character than General Sam Houston?


Texas history is full of unique and memorable leaders. Lyndon Johnson, Ann Richards, Sam Rayburn, and Stephen F Austin were all unique and one of kind characters. For example, Stephen F. Austin never married, saying his bride was the land of Texas which had stolen his heart completely! Now that is commitment!

With all that being said, I am  sure there will never be a more iconic character than the first President of the Republic of Texas, the great Sam Houston. He was a statesman, a war hero, the member of an Indian tribe, a General, a soldier, a politician, and so much more.

Here at Granbury Live on Feb 16, March 11, April 20 and April 22 the theatrical performance “The Lion of Texas-An Evening with Sam Houston” will be presented. This one-man show has received rave reviews and acclaim from around the state and is performed in much the same style as the legendary Hal Halbrook in his immortal show “Mark Twain Tonight”.

Often humorous and chock full of anecdotes which will entertain and amuse, the dramatic story of the birth of Texas is sure to stir the blood of native Texans and invigorate all those who have immigrated. There is no better tale than the story of Texas and who better to tell it then Sam Houston?

Tickets are available now, so claim your seat to this wonderful show at the most intimate venue in Texas! . Come out and enjoy a theatrical performance which is sure to inspire, amuse and stir your heart with Texas pride!

Johnny Rodriquez; The Legendary Performer

Johnny Rodriguez

One of the cool things about being the General Manager of the New Granbury Live is the opportunity to select the acts which appear at the theater. I have always been a fan of Johnny Rodriquez. When you listen to “Pass Me By” “Riding My Thumb to Mexico” or “That’s the Way Love Goes” it is unavoidable to keep from singing along and tapping your toes! The sound is unique and authentic with a blend of Texas, Country, and Tejano all wrapped up in one sound. Reminds me of one of my Mom’s soups, it was always good but hard to discern exactly how it was put together! Lol

I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Dave Alexander and bringing Johnny to the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso a couple of years ago and he was simply terrific. The sound, the lyrics and the experience were simply first rate.

Johnny Rodriquez has been nominated as CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, has had fifteen songs in the top ten and six which were certified as #1! It isn’t often a talent like this come to Granbury. Get your tickets today because they are selling quickly. You want to experience this legendary artist in the most intimate venue in Texas; the New Granbury Live! Hope to see you there!

Does a song have to be “old” to be “classic”?


On February 17 at 2 and 7 pm, the Granbury Live Follies will present “Classic Country”, an exciting show featuring some of the greatest songs in Country Music.
When Music Director Mark Gheen and I were creating this show, we knew that along with the outstanding group of vocalists and band members which regularly appear, this Follies show would have the privilege of having some very special guests. Holly Tucker who finished 6th on NBC-TV’s The VOICE and is also the Texas CMA Female Vocalist of the Year will be on our stage, along with Andrew Sevener, who is fresh off winning the Hank 92.1 FM Texas Spotlight! The show will also feature one of the top contestants from the Texas Spotlight, Wisper Cox.

When you have this kind of talent at your disposal, it is hard for me as the Producer not to try and fit in as many songs as I can into the allocated time, and match up songs with each individual vocalist in such a way, the music really brings out their best. This quest for the “right” music lead to an interesting discussion between Mark and myself; What makes a song a “Classic”?

We eventually agreed a classic must be something which makes your toes tap, or your eyes want to tear up, or you want to dance and sing along. I think it natural to assume these types of songs need to be from the distant past…30, or 40 or even 50 or more years old: but the truth is a song can be brand new on the charts and create these desired responses. Mark and I call them instant classics! We even threw one or two of them in this show!

If you get a chance buy some tickets and come on down to the beautiful square in Granbury and experience one of our favorite shows; The Granbury Lives Follies Present Classic Country! You’re going to hear Patsy, some Merle, some George Strait, Randy Travis and a whole lot more. I promise you this, you are going to hear some of the best music and vocals around, and do it in a location which is known as “the most intimate venue in Texas. It doesn’t get better than that!

Attend Granbury Live and have some fun and see if we sing your favorite classic country song!

“Death So Delicious”


At Granbury Live we are so very fortunate to have an adjoining room like our Celebration Hall. For those of you who have never been here, Celebration Hall is a banquet room with terrific mood lighting, a view of the historic Court House and Square, and plenty of room for all sorts of events.

One of the events which I most love to host is our Murder Mystery Night. It all starts with a great meal catered by some of the best restaurants in Granbury. Our February 9th show will be catered by Joe’s Pasta who receives rave reviews each time they cater!

Then of course there is the play! The actors are professionals who have performed literally hundreds upon hundreds of Murder Mystery shows.

The show for Feb 9 is all new for Granbury and is called “Death So Delicious”. It would seem someone is cooking up trouble at the World’s Greatest Chef Competition. The $1,000,000 prize money has some of the chefs hitting below the belt, especially Oriental Cuisine Guru Benn MooShoo. He wants to win so badly he’ll stoop to blackmailing each of his competitors to win. But just as too many cooks can spoil the sauce, too many chefs being blackmailed can lead to murder-especially when cyanide winds up in Benny MooShoo’s rib sauce! Which chef would have the “bad taste” to bump Benny permanently from the competition?

Get your tickets to our February 9th show and see if you can decide WHODUNNIT! Good food and fun for everyone and the winning table will win some free tickets to some Granbury Live events!

Come on down and have a unique and memorable experience at the New Granbury Live. This is where it’s happening!

No wonder all these Texans are so proud!

lot blog photo

As we get closer and closer to February a block of the calendar which I refer to as “Texas History Time” begins. For those of you who don’t remember, the Battle of the Alamo started in February, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed March 2, and the Battle of San Jacinto who won our freedom from Mexico, was on April 21. During this brief period there are hundreds of great stories about the brave men and women who fought and struggled to create our Texas.

On February 17, March 11, April 20 and 22, at the Granbury Live Theater It will be my pleasure to present “The Lion of Texas-An Evening with Sam Houston”; the amazing story of the most iconic character in the history of Texas. This one-man play is full of humor, amazing tales, and sound and visual effects which will transform you to the living room of the great General Sam and make you feel like you are having a private conversation! Inspiring, patriotic, and enriching, this show has been performed throughout Texas to rave reviews! You will laugh, be amazed at the “living history” of General Sam’s life, and appreciate his thoughts and concerns about the Texas of today. No Texan can see the show and not be moved by the dramatic story of the Texas Revolution, the loss of the Alamo and Goliad and the exciting victory at San Jacinto.

Actual comments from people who have seen “The Lion of Texas -An Evening with Sam Houston”:

“I did not grow up in Texas and only vaguely knew the story of Sam Houston and the Texas revolution. No wonder all these Texans are so proud! What an epic story and presented so well!

“It made my chest swell with pride…wonderfully written and beautifully performed. Something every Texan should see”

“My emotions swung in every direction. I found myself laughing, crying, swelling with pride, and looking on in amazement. The kind of show everyone should see and will be glad they did”

Importantly, the March 11 show is a fund raiser for the Comanche Peak Detachment of the Marine Corp League (The people who make Toy’s for Tots happen at Christmas and lots of other great things for Marine Corp Veterans).

Get your tickets to this exciting and entertaining show. If you are from Texas, you will love it! If you are new to Texas, you will appreciate it! If you aren’t from Texas we will all feel sorry for you!

Valentines Day at Granbury Live

Love Letters proof

Maybe I am just getting older, but time seems to move a lot faster than it once did! Just a few weeks ago it was Christmas, then New Year’s, and before we know it February 14th will be upon us and it will be time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Now fellas, you know you have got to do something for your sweetheart on this special day and the more original and unique it is, the more she will like it! This year Valentine’s day falls in the middle of the week, so it may be impractical to travel to a distant destination, and on Valentine’s Day restaurants are always so crowded and expensive! Why not take your sweetheart someplace close to home which will be romantic, entertaining and delicious?

The New Granbury Live is the answer.

It all begins with dinner catered by Farina’s of Granbury. This Italian meal will include salad and dessert and will be served in the romantic atmosphere of Celebration Hall. Beer and wine will be available and there will be live piano music for those who might wish to dance “cheek to cheek” between courses! Immediately following the meal, attendees will be escorted to Granbury Live Theater where they will see a production of the Pulitzer Prize nominated play, “Love Letters”. This light-hearted romantic comedy is the perfect theatrical production for Valentine’s; it most certainly will be romantic, funny and create quite an emotional ride!

Performed by Don Shook and Laurie Granlund, both well known names in theatrical circles in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex the nights entertainment should create a unique and memorable experience and still get you home before 10 pm without breaking the bank!

Tickets are $50 and includes, dinner, music, dessert, and a wonderful theatrical performance all at one low price. Ticket sales have been brisk and will sell out so get your tickets today before they are all gone!