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Our First Comedy Night at Granbury Live

By Granbury Live | April 4, 2018 | Comments Off on Our First Comedy Night at Granbury Live

We had an exciting new event at Granbury Live over the weekend. It was our very first Comedy night and I am here to tell you it was a smashing success! It was not a big sell out, but since this was our first attempt to present stand up comedians, I truly anticipated the crowd … Read more

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We’ve Been on a Roll!

By Granbury Live | March 28, 2018 | Comments Off on We’ve Been on a Roll!

The New Granbury Live has had a great run of big name stars in a very short period. In less then two months we have had Gene Watson, the Bellamy Brothers, Johnny Rodriquez, and Moe Bandy! In the immediate future we have Janie Fricke, John Conlee, Rudy Gatlin and T. G Shepard all scheduled to … Read more


Sometimes I ought to feel guilty for taking a paycheck!

By Granbury Live | March 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Sometimes I ought to feel guilty for taking a paycheck!

Make no mistake about it, there is a lot of work to be done running a busy theater like the New Granbury Live. There is a constant search for new acts which will appeal to our audience, marketing for future shows, sponsorship fulfillment, employees to manage, as well as theater upkeep and housekeeping. I feel … Read more

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Michael Hix; He’s no dummy!

By Granbury Live | March 6, 2018 | Comments Off on Michael Hix; He’s no dummy!

This past Saturday, the incomparable Michael Hix was at Granbury Live performing a show called “Lets Go to Vegas”. Sadly, I was out of town on other business for Michael’s performance, but when I got back in town and went to breakfast Monday morning at my favorite diner (#Pam’s), before I could even sit down … Read more

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What an experience!

By Granbury Live | February 26, 2018 | Comments Off on What an experience!

The longer I am in this world of entertainment, the more experiences I have with a variety of bands and performers. I am sure it is like any other group of people, doctors, lawyers, teachers, or any other profession; Some are easy to deal with and professional and others are…well let’s just say they are … Read more


Electricity in the Room

By Granbury Live | February 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Electricity in the Room

When a show comes together, there is an electricity in the room and an excitement which is almost palpable! Such was the case this past Saturday night as Holly Tucker joined the Granbury Live Follies to present “Classic Country”. The Texas CMA Female Vocalist of the Year did not disappoint, as she sang songs across … Read more


Now I know why these Texans are so proud!

By Granbury Live | February 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Now I know why these Texans are so proud!

It has been many years ago, but I had the privilege of seeing Hal Halbrook perform his award-winning play, “Mark Twain Tonight!”. Mr.  Halbrook has performed the show for over fifty years and still manages to “pack em in” the theater! This was also the first one-man plays which I had ever witnessed. “Truly remarkable” … Read more

Johnny Rodriguez at Granbury Live

Johnny Rodriquez Show

By Granbury Live | February 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Johnny Rodriquez Show

When I was a young man in college, I went to the oilfields of Oklahoma during the summer for work. Having been raised in the city I was not much of a Country music fan, but each day as we rode in a pickup from one worksite to the next, Country music was on the … Read more

Murder Mystery 2

Why is a Celebration Hall Murder Mystery so unique and memorable?

By Granbury Live | February 1, 2018 | Comments Off on Why is a Celebration Hall Murder Mystery so unique and memorable?

People just seem to love the whole idea of Murder Mystery Dinner Theater! While certainly not a new concept, interactive theater still seems to excite the vivid imagination of folks and the idea of a good meal mixed with laughter and fun, make for a really good time. I think what makes our Murder Mystery … Read more

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Laughter is the best medicine!

By Granbury Live | January 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Laughter is the best medicine!

They say people who laugh and smile regularly have a much longer life expectancy than those who don’t. While I love the great musical sound which emulates from the productions on the stage of the New Granbury Live, it only seems fitting to have a night where comedy takes the center stage. I have always … Read more