Why is a Celebration Hall Murder Mystery so unique and memorable?

February 1, 2018

Murder Mystery 2

People just seem to love the whole idea of Murder Mystery Dinner Theater! While certainly not a new concept, interactive theater still seems to excite the vivid imagination of folks and the idea of a good meal mixed with laughter and fun, make for a really good time.

I think what makes our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater so great is a couple of factors which sets us apart from other venues. First, we have the space for people to be able to eat comfortably and enjoy the show in leisure rather than being packed in a small room which really wasn’t created for interactive theater. We have a good sound system, so it is easy to hear and follow the actors as they perform. The actors which we utilize have literally performed hundreds upon hundreds of dinner theaters; they know how to work an audience and how to engage them! Lastly, we utilize great caterers who provide a very nice meal at a sweet price.

At our next Murder Mystery on February 9th, we will be presenting “Death So Delicious”. When murder happens at the World’s Greatest Chef competition, it is certain suspicions will arise! Are you good enough to crack the case and win some tickets to a future Granbury Live Event?

Get tickets to our Murder Mystery and join the fun! The food will be great, and the laughs won’t stop!

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