At Granbury Live we are so very fortunate to have an adjoining room like our Celebration Hall. For those of you who have never been here, Celebration Hall is a banquet room with terrific mood lighting, a view of the historic Court House and Square, and plenty of room for all sorts of events.

One of the events which I most love to host is our Murder Mystery Night. It all starts with a great meal catered by some of the best restaurants in Granbury. Our February 9th show will be catered by Joe’s Pasta who receives rave reviews each time they cater!

Then of course there is the play! The actors are professionals who have performed literally hundreds upon hundreds of Murder Mystery shows.

The show for Feb 9 is all new for Granbury and is called “Death So Delicious”. It would seem someone is cooking up trouble at the World’s Greatest Chef Competition. The $1,000,000 prize money has some of the chefs hitting below the belt, especially Oriental Cuisine Guru Benn MooShoo. He wants to win so badly he’ll stoop to blackmailing each of his competitors to win. But just as too many cooks can spoil the sauce, too many chefs being blackmailed can lead to murder-especially when cyanide winds up in Benny MooShoo’s rib sauce! Which chef would have the “bad taste” to bump Benny permanently from the competition?

Get your tickets to our February 9th show and see if you can decide WHODUNNIT! Good food and fun for everyone and the winning table will win some free tickets to some Granbury Live events!

Come on down and have a unique and memorable experience at the New Granbury Live. This is where it’s happening!