On February 17 at 2 and 7 pm, the Granbury Live Follies will present “Classic Country”, an exciting show featuring some of the greatest songs in Country Music.
When Music Director Mark Gheen and I were creating this show, we knew that along with the outstanding group of vocalists and band members which regularly appear, this Follies show would have the privilege of having some very special guests. Holly Tucker who finished 6th on NBC-TV’s The VOICE and is also the Texas CMA Female Vocalist of the Year will be on our stage, along with Andrew Sevener, who is fresh off winning the Hank 92.1 FM Texas Spotlight! The show will also feature one of the top contestants from the Texas Spotlight, Wisper Cox.

When you have this kind of talent at your disposal, it is hard for me as the Producer not to try and fit in as many songs as I can into the allocated time, and match up songs with each individual vocalist in such a way, the music really brings out their best. This quest for the “right” music lead to an interesting discussion between Mark and myself; What makes a song a “Classic”?

We eventually agreed a classic must be something which makes your toes tap, or your eyes want to tear up, or you want to dance and sing along. I think it natural to assume these types of songs need to be from the distant past…30, or 40 or even 50 or more years old: but the truth is a song can be brand new on the charts and create these desired responses. Mark and I call them instant classics! We even threw one or two of them in this show!

If you get a chance buy some tickets and come on down to the beautiful square in Granbury and experience one of our favorite shows; The Granbury Lives Follies Present Classic Country! You’re going to hear Patsy, some Merle, some George Strait, Randy Travis and a whole lot more. I promise you this, you are going to hear some of the best music and vocals around, and do it in a location which is known as “the most intimate venue in Texas. It doesn’t get better than that!

Attend Granbury Live and have some fun and see if we sing your favorite classic country song!