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The Road Less Traveled is the live-audience version of the Defining Audacity Radio Show. Over eight consecutive weeks, host Drew Myers will sit down with some of the most amazing singer/songwriters from the Texas Music scene. He will put them – and their incredible music – in the spotlight!

The audience will experience  “the most intimate venue in Texas” and between the great songs and Drew’s insightful questioning, will gain a new and meaningful understanding about each performer and their music.

An added plus is the “Rising Star Stage” presented by Zack Erwin - Texas Farm Bureau. Before each show, a “rising star” will perform and give the audience an even greater exposure to Texas singer-songwriters!

Feel free to bring a six pack and come enjoy a great Sunday afternoon!

Road Less Traveled Josh


Josh Weathers

February 17, 2019

Josh Weathers is a soulful singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. He has spent the last 15 years honing his craft of combining songs of hope with a high energy rock n’ soul live show. Since a video of him singing a classic Dolly Parton hit – “I Will Always Love You” – went viral a few years ago, it has expanded Josh’s reach to a national and global level. Many people have compared him to the likes of John Mellencamp, Springsteen or even Stevie Wonder, but his die hard fan base has found something incredibly unique about his ability to connect with an audience. In late 2015, Josh and his wife, Kady, founded a non-profit organization – Love Like You Mean It Intl – after a life-changing trip to India. Since the foundation began, Josh has chosen to use his platform to bring awareness to their efforts overseas. Josh is a member of the Defining Audacity Family. He was on Drew’s live-audience show in the summer of 2017. They have also done an “Inspirational Notes” event together, which combines Drew’s inspiring message of “live on purpose” with music from singer/songwriters on the Texas scene.

Holly Tucker

February 24, 2019

Holly Tucker, often called the Angel of Texas Country Music, is tenaciously proving that great things are worth the wait. Five years after winning the hearts of millions of television viewers on Season 4 of NBC TV’s hit music reality show, The Voice , the 25-year-old is leaving her boot print all over Texas Country Music and with fans worldwide. Her voice has been described by Coach Blake Shelton as “the most effortless, accurate, and powerful voice he’s ever heard”, and is currently Texas Country Music Association’s reigning Female Vocalist of the Year, two years running. Holly is a member of the Defining Audacity Family, appearing on Drew’s live-audience show in Clifton, Texas, in October of 2017. She was also a featured guest on Drew’s daily radio show that runs on Real Texas Radio.

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Erick Willis & Drew Kennedy

March 3rd, 2019

In a time when many artists are striving to find their identity, Erick Willis is slowly leaving his mark on the scene, with a personality that is true and not just a stage persona. Taking cues from the music he was raised on, Erick is blending soulful melodic lyrics, with the deep groove of roots-rock and as his lyric says, "with some of the harder stuff." Showcasing a smooth voice with an excellent upper register, uniquely gravely at times, and always pleasant to the ear, Erick is bringing lots of soul to the mix, along with undeniably Texas inspired lyrics. Passion and depth are what makes any good songwriter transition to the next level. Connecting with the audiences the ultimate key. Erick does that. The raw, heartfelt emotion in his delivery can convince even the harshest of critics.

Drew Kennedy says: “To do this job, you have to be an extraordinarily self-centered person. That’s just what it requires. I don’t want to be self-centered, but I was made to do this. A lot of artists say art comes from conflict––they talk about relationships ending or trying to overcome serious habits. Well, my conflict is this: how do I be so self-centered while being as selfless as I can?” Kennedy has mastered the art of literary lines that evoke sharp images and strong emotions. On his eighth album, At Home in the Big Lonesome , he paints a unique image of West Texas skylines and the people who dot them in his song “Open Road.” He sings: “The sky’s as wide as a smile on a waitress / at a late night, roadside cafe outside of Pecos.” Drew is a member of the Defining Audacity Family. He has done a sit-down interview in studio and been a guest on the Road Less Traveled in the summer of 2017 in Tolar, Texas. He did that show with his “spirit animal,” Walt Wilkins. He also played The Be Festival in Glen Rose, Texas, in November of 2016.

Curtis Grimes

March 10th, 2019

To hear Curtis Grimes sing is to take a trip through the heart of country music. A Texas native, Grimes was raised on a steady diet of George Strait and Alan Jackson, and he possesses the everyman charm of both his heroes – along with a refreshingly mature voice that truly stands out. After a successful career as a collegiate baseball player, in 2011 Grimes was given a chance to appear on Season 1 of The Voice . He finished in the Top 10 under Coach Cee-lo Green. Following success from the show, Grimes hit the ground running, releasing new music and performing shows all across Texas and other states. In 2018, Grimes was named Male Vocalist of the Year at The Texas Country Music Association Awards Show and also received the honors of winning Country-Christian Artist of the Year and Country-Christian Song of the Year. He has seven No. 1 songs on The Texas Country Chart.

Kylie Rae Harris

March 17th, 2019

The amazing perspective of singer/songwriter Kylie Rae can be captured in the closing track from her self-titled EP. She penned a note to her six-year-old, written a few months after her own father passed away. It said: “I just want to see the day you tell me that I did okay. God, I hope I’m still around 20 years from now.” Growing up is something Kylie’s done quite a bit of in the 5 years since she released Taking it Back in 2013. She’s moved from Texas to Nashville, from Nashville back to Texas, had a baby, had her heart broken, and lost her father. It’s a lot of learning to fit in a handful of years, but the singer-songwriter looks at her lessons with an understanding that they were necessary. “My twenties weren’t a walk-in-the-park, a lot of that admittedly self-inflicted, but I grew a lot,” she says. Kylie Rae’s incredible music helped her “close a real painful chapter and welcome whatever is next.”

Prophets & Outlaws

March 24th, 2019

Born out of the Dallas, Texas, Prophets & Outlaws is a band compiled of brothers and friends whose broad musical tastes have put them all over the Texas music charts and in front of thousands of clamoring fans. Poetic descriptions and catchy turns of phrase all fall shamefully short of accurately conveying their music prowess. PAO is simply a band that must be heard to be truly understood, and it’s their unique stylings and homegrown chemistry that brings music fans out to their live shows night after night.

Sam Riggs

March 31st, 2019

Given the choice, Sam Riggs would take skydiving over watching movies on any given Sunday. That sense of daring is a key element in his brand of country, a rock-infused sound with a chip on its sonic shoulder from a guy who counts Garth Brooks, Foo Fighters, George Jones and Blink-182 among his influences. A growing audience has found him. To date, Riggs has racked up more than 2.2 million streams on Spotify and over 600,000 views on YouTube. In 2016, Riggs picked up the Texas Regional Radio Award for Top New Male Vocalist. Sam, a Florida native, is a member of the Defining Audacity Family. He has been in studio with Drew for a one-on-one interview, and he played The Be Festival in Glen Rose, Texas, in November of 2016.

Courtney Patton

April 7th, 2019

Courtney Patton is a storyteller. She’s also a mother, a wife, a producer, a singer, a songwriter, a tour-van driver and a musician- as well as a world-traveler when she’s out on tour throughout the continental U.S., Canada and Europe. But to anyone lucky enough to be sitting in the audience while listening to her expansive Texas twang belt out her version of deep and soulful country music, she’s a storyteller. In a musical era in which clichés and bravado are mistaken for bold noteworthiness, there is something far more brave in peeling back highly personal and emotional open-book songs and delivering them with sensitivity and sentiment. Patton does just that. She is the consummate storyteller in her music. Heartache isn’t just described, it is tangibly felt. Courtney is member of the Defining Audacity Family. She shared several heartfelt moments with Drew when they sat down in-studio in Glen Rose, Texas, back in 2017.