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The Road Less Traveled is the live-audience version of the Defining Audacity Radio Show. Drew Myers will sit down with some of the most amazing singer/songwriters from the Texas Music scene. He will put them – and their incredible music – in the spotlight!

The audience will experience  “the most intimate venue in Texas” and between the great songs and Drew’s insightful questioning, will gain a new and meaningful understanding about each performer and their music.

An added plus is the “Rising Star Stage” presented by Zack Erwin - Texas Farm Bureau. Before each show, a “rising star” will perform and give the audience an even greater exposure to Texas singer-songwriters!

Feel free to bring a six pack and come enjoy a great Sunday afternoon!

Zane Williams

June 9, 2019

Zane Williams has a brand of honest, traditional country music that resonates with anyone who sees him perform live or listens to his music while sitting on their back porch. When he jumped feet first into the Texas Music scene, he said "In Texas, all the middlemen standing between me and the fans were gone. I could just make records, play shows and be myself. I found out it didn't have to be complicated. Four more independent records followed, each attracting a wider audience then the last. When Zane put together his first band at age 33, he was a decade older than most of the new artists on the scene, and much more experienced as a songwriter, yet his obvious love of performing and connecting with his fans infused his shows with a youthful passion. His most recent album, "Bringin' Country Back" melds that passion with his hard-earned experience as a performer and producer to create his most confident work yet. "I just love country music and I don't want it to fall by the wayside".

Zane is already a member of the Defining Audacity Family! He came on Drew's radio show/podcast in December of 2015.

Zac Wilkerson

July 14, 2019

Zac Wilkerson is a soul rocker from the country. Powerful, soulful vocals and a driving guitar style combine with poignant songwriting to deliver a new take on Americana, Soul, Country, and Rock,. He cut his musical teeth in a country church where he started singing at 4. At a young age, he discovered his parent’s country, soul, Motown, rock, and folk records, creating a musical foundation with as much variety as passion. By 12, Zac played several instruments, including piano and guitar, which led to songwriting that same year. He stumbled into a career in music after being tricked into entering, and then winning. “The Blue Light Live Singer Songwriter Contest in 2011. He has since etched out a strong following across the Texas music scene and beyond, with his work appearing in Nationally Syndicated and Regional Radio, and Local and Prime-Network TV. He was one of Drew’s featured artist on the Road Less Traveled in the summer of 2017.

Jason Eady

August 11, 2019

Jason Eady has been honing his songwriting craft since he was a kid in Jackson, Mississippi. He said: “Even back in my early days of getting into music, I always cared more about the writers than the singers. I’d look up who’d written a certain song, and then go seek out more songs from that writer.” At age 14-the same year Jason started writing his own material-he began performing in local bars and showing a natural grasp of everything from soul and R&B to blues and country. After some time in the Air Force, he moved to Ft. Worth and started playing open mic nights, where he quickly built up a devoted following. By 2005, Eady had made his debut with the independently released From Underneath the Old. For Jason, who names Merle Haggard, Guy Clark, and Willie Nelson among his main inspirations, instilling each song with so much graceful honesty proved to be his greatest achievement and thrill in creating the new album. “When you first get started making music, your ideas are grandiose and more about the big picture. But the longer I have done this, the more I’ve realized that the real joy comes from the process rather than the end goal. Now it’s about getting better and better and finding more of myself with every album. So instead of writing what I think people want to hear, I’m writing what I want to write and trusting that as long as it’s coming from an honest place-it’ll hopefully mean something to the people listening, too”.

Jason is already a member of the Defining Audacity family. He sat down with Drew in studio back in July of 2017

Jade Marie Patek

September 8, 2019

Jade Marie Patek comes from a rich musical lineage as the granddaughter of polka legend, Joe Patek, who delighted crowds and dance halls for decades with his Orchestra. Using her polka dots as inspiration, Jade began singing at a young age, which evolved to picking up instruments, writing original music and playing professionally by the time she graduated from college at Texas State University. Over the last ten years, Jade has been writing songs that are fueled by life experiences and a whole lot of heart and soul. Her is music is purely Texan and definitely original. She calls her genre of music “marble rye bread” showing infusions of Americana/Texas Country with flares of blues, fun, and soul. In her free time, Jade loves to fish the Texas coast and enjoy the fresh air of the Hill Country. You can find her in a boat in Rockport with her family most of the summer, but to Jade, her hometown will always be Shiner, Texas, where her family originally settled and the Patek name is commonly known. Jade has done an “Inspirational Notes” event with Drew and been on his weekly show at LSA Burger in Denton, Texas but this actually her first time to sit down and get the opportunity to share her story with Drew.