The longer I am in this world of entertainment, the more experiences I have with a variety of bands and performers. I am sure it is like any other group of people, doctors, lawyers, teachers, or any other profession; Some are easy to deal with and professional and others are…well let’s just say they are on the other extreme!

This past Saturday Granbury Live had the thrill of having one of the great names in music, The Bellamy Brothers, appear on our stage. These guys perform over 150 shows a year! They just got back from performing in Sri Lanka and Dubai and they have performed all over the world for over 40 years! From the time they arrived at GBL until they walked out the door, they were nothing but professional and courteous. They put on a memorable show which left the audience wanting more and they left the theater admiring the quality of our sound and the unique intimacy of the theater. It was especially cool for me how all the guys in the band commented about our performance space and how great it was to be so close and personal with the audience.

From their bus driver to the Bellamy Brothers themselves, everyone on their team was a person who you would like to call a friend. I can’t wait to have them back and I do hope if you missed this sold out show you will get your tickets early for the next show! They are something to see!